Girls, Dogs, and Tomatos

One day Yuna asked me to help her carry her backpack since it was heavy. I offered to carry it for her, but she didn’t want me to.

“Can you just hold the top?” she asked, referring to the handle at the top of the backpack used to hang it up. She wanted me to hold the handle while she walked with her backpack on, which would help take some of the weight off.

“Um…Yuna…I don’t want to do that. It’s like I have you on a leash.”

“Yeah,” she said. “I like to be on a leash. I did it before at home! Like a dog.”

“Um…” I said. Really. What am I supposed to say to that? “That’s cool…but we can’t do that at school.”

The next day Yuna came up to me carrying a folded piece of paper.

“This is for you!” she said. “But don’t open it till you get home!”

I wear those shorts that have lots of pockets on them. She stuffed the paper into my lowest pocket. But just a moment later she decided to show it to her friends, so she reached into my pocket, grabbed the paper, unfolded it, and showed it to them, while still making sure that I couldn’t see it. Her friends laughed and said, “That’s cute! And also funny.”

After showing all her friends, Yuna folded the paper and stuffed it back into my pocket.

“Promise, okay? Promise you won’t look at it till you get home!”

“Okay, I promise.”

“Pinky promise me?”

“Okay, I pinky promise.”

I had absolutely no idea what was on that paper, or why she wanted me to wait till I got home to look at it.

So I opened the paper when I got home. Turns out it was a drawing of a girl holding a dog on a leash…or rather, a dog holding a girl on a leash…or something like that. See, the dog’s head was on the girl’s body, and the girl’s head was on the dog’s body. The girl looked just like Yuna. Next to it was a picture of what I thought was a baby holding a rattle. She’s a good drawer.

Yuna's Drawing

[Sorry it’s blurry. I don’t have a camera. All I have is the camera that comes on my cell phone, but the resolution isn’t good.]

“That was a nice picture you drew,” I told her the next day. “It was funny.”

Yuna is a very outgoing girl, but she has her shy moments. “I remembered you’d said the backpack was like a leash,” she said bashfully.

I laughed. “Yeah. The girl looks just like you,” I said.

She glared up at me. “It’s not me!”

“Oh. Then who is it?”

“Just a girl!”

“Oh okay,” I said. “That was also a nice baby you drew.”

“What baby?” she asked.

“You know, the baby you drew right next to the dog and the girl, the one holding the rattle.”

“It’s a tomato!” she said, stomping her foot. I think I offended her. Of course it’s tomato. Duh. I should’ve known that. I mean, what kid doesn’t like drawing tomato’s?

I love it when kids draw for me.

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