Racism and Obama

As the above videos show, racism is still alive and well. Obama has been criticized roundly by Republicans. And there are some legitimate criticisms of him. But for the entirety of his tenure in office some Republicans have steadfastly stood against him from day 1, refusing to work with him in passing legislation, and insisting that their sole agenda is to get him out of office. In the field of politics, it’s only natural to want someone from your party to be in office. But how much of this stand against him is really about politics, and how much of it is racism?

While I disagree with some of his policies, there are also many things I admire about him. His strong family values, his speaking ability, and the way he has handled the role of being the first black president. Let’s not overlook the fact that by virtue of his race, he has faced more obstacles as president than he would have if he were white. He has handled this role well.

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