What percent of Okinawans have signed the petition?

Hi everyone. Rob Kajiwara here, still in Washington DC. I wanted to take a moment to clarify something. I heard some people who had watched this video down below had misunderstood something I said regarding the percent of Okinawans who had signed the petition to the White House to try to save Henoko.


After having watched this video, some people were saying that I had said that only 10% of the signatures on the petition came from Okinawa. This is not true. What I said was that only around 10% of the Uchinaanchu population on Okinawa had signed the petition. This is very different.

The Uchinaanchu population of Okinawa / Ryukyu is currently around 1.4 million. (This does not include the Uchinaanchu living overseas. It also does not include the U.S. military currently stationed at Okinawa, nor does it include other foreigners.)

According to my own estimates, around 10% of the current population of Uchinaanchu living in Ryukyu / Okinawa have signed the petition. 10% of 1.4 million is 140,000. Currently the petition has over 200,000 signatures, meaning that the Uchinaanchu currently living in Ryukyu / Okinawa are responsible for roughly 70% of the signatures on the petition right now.

But some people had misunderstood what I said in the video, and thought that I meant that just 10% of the signatures on the petition had come from Okinawa. If that were true, that would mean only around 20,000 Okinawans had signed the petition.

So you can see that the difference between the two is really large. 140,000 is fair larger than 20,000. So I just wanted to clarify this.

Please continue to share the petition! Thanks for all your hard work.


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