Governor Denny Tamaki’s Visit to Hawaii

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Governor Denny Tamaki (left) with Robert Kajiwara (right), at Kaneohe, Hawaii.

Today was a bad day in Okinawa, because the start of a new portion of the landfill of the bay at Henoko has started. This is a continued violation of the Okinawan people, and an environmental tragedy. It is clear that neither the Japan government nor the U.S. government has any respect for Okinawans.

With that being said, I’m really glad that Governor of Okinawa Denny Tamaki took time out of his busy schedule to visit Hawaii. I know it was a sacrifice for him to make this trip, so I’m very appreciative. It was in important visit, because he helped to inspire more people in Hawaii to support Okinawa. He also showed appreciation for those who have already been supporting Okinawa. It’s really important that Uchinaanchu, and supporters, from all over the world continue to network and work together to support one another in protecting the land and sea of Uchinaa.

Thank you to Governor Tamaki for coming! Please come again soon!

Donald Trump wants to halt the arms race

Yesterday U.S. president Donald Trump tweeted that he wants to talk with China and Russia about halting the “uncontrollable” arms race between the three countries.


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While this is probably political posturing in response to the negative backlash Trump has received regarding the U.S. / China tariffs and trade war, I find this nevertheless hopeful for occupied Pacific Islands that seek to remove U.S. military bases, such as Okinawa, Hawaii, and Guam, as well as for the rest of the world. Halting the arms race would mean less need for U.S. overseas military bases, which means a greater chance for closing military bases in the Pacific.

Not to mention, halting the arms race between the U.S., China, and Russia would bring greater peace and stability to the world at large.


Rob Kajiwara is an Okinawan-Hawaiian singer/songwriter, visual artist, baseball player, and human rights activist. For more information, please visit his website at