A quick musing about millennials

Millennials love justice, dislike wasteful bureaucracy, and won’t do things simply because “that’s how it’s always been done.” Millennials grew up with much more technology than previous generations did, including Generation X, and we can and will use it to our advantage, even if it means breaking away from the traditions of older generations.

Petition to President Trump asking him to STOP the Landfill work in Okinawa

henoko blue fish


In 5 days the U.S. and Japanese governments are set to begin the irreversible part of the landfill work at Henoko / Oura Bay, Okinawa, that will destroy a natural coral reef filled with rare and endangered species. The reef is a crucial part of the ecosystem.

The situation is dire and urgent. So I have created a petition at the White House’s official website, asking President Trump to halt the construction until a referendum on the subject can be held. Please sign and share the petition! We have less than 5 days to get 100,000 signatures.