Press Release – UN Geneva Presentation

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May 27, 2019 For immediate release

Robert Kajiwara and Catherine Jane Fisher will be speaking at the United Nations Human Rights Council from June 24-28 in Geneva, Switzerland.

Robert Kajiwara, President of the Peace For Okinawa Coalition, will be requesting UN intervention in the current situation in Okinawa surrounding the military bases at Henoko and Futenma, where thousands have called for their immediate closure.

“Okinawa is a perfect example of a peaceful movement for change,” said Kajiwara, a fourth-generation Okinawan Hawaiian. “We have always used peaceful methods to assert our rights. If the UN is unwilling or unable to intervene in a non-violent situation such as this, they are by default encouraging violence, and if they encourage violence, then the very purpose of the UN is rendered obsolete.”

On December 8, 2018 Kajiwara started a petition calling for a stop to the construction of the base at Henoko. The petition quickly garnered over 100,000 signatures in its first ten days, and currently has over 211,000 signatures. Both the U.S. and Japan governments, however, have ignored the petition, as well as the many other calls for the construction to stop, including a referendum held in Okinawa in February 2019 in which 72% of the population voted against the base and another 8% voted undecided.

Catherine Jane Fisher, the Peace For Okinawa Coalition’s Special Advisor on the Rights of Men, Women, and Children, will join Kajiwara in speaking at the UN. Fisher, who was born in Australia and moved to Japan with her family during the 1980s, was the woman who first broke the silence of rape in Japan in 2002.

Fisher advocates for victims of heinous crimes committed by US Military personnel on the island of Okinawa and elsewhere in Japan which have occurred for over 70 years. Fisher has also exposed the lack of action by the government of Japan to properly handle cases of sexual violence and ensure the support and well-being of victims.

Kajiwara and Fisher previously spoke together on February 20 at the National Diet of Japan in Tokyo.

The Peace For Okinawa Coalition is a U.S.-based multi-national, multi-ethnic non-profit think tank and cultural organization aimed at promoting peace, diplomacy, justice, and human rights through advancing Okinawan history, culture, language, and issues.

A quick musing about millennials

Millennials love justice, dislike wasteful bureaucracy, and won’t do things simply because “that’s how it’s always been done.” Millennials grew up with much more technology than previous generations did, including Generation X, and we can and will use it to our advantage, even if it means breaking away from the traditions of older generations.

Email to Representative Tulsi Gabbard

Dear Representative Gabbard,

I saw this video you put out on social media recently:

I would like to ask you to also stop the genocide against Okinawans that Japan is committing (with help from the U.S.).
One thing you can do to help Okinawa is to please stop the construction of the military base at Henoko, Okinawa. This base is bad for many different reasons that my team and I have spoken in person with several of your advisors (Guido, Dave, and JK) about. Our petition has over 211,000 signatures on it so far demanding the construction be stopped. Roughly 19,000 of those signatures have come from voters in Hawaii. Our supporters have come not only from Okinawans, but from many other ethnic groups as well, such as Japanese, Chinese, Filipinos, Pacific Islanders, and whites.
Though the White House guaranteed a response to our petition within 60 days, we still have not received a response and it is past the 90 day mark. 211,000 people are demanding a response! We ask that you please contact the White House and ask them to respond! And we ask that you please do something to help Okinawa!

Here is a link to our petition:

Thank you for your time.
Robert Kajiwara
The Peace For Okinawa Coalition

Response to Ed Case’s Email about Henoko, Okinawa

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April 16, 2019

Dear Representative Ed Case,

Thank you for your response to my inquiry regarding Okinawa. Unfortunately, your response contained numerous errors. First of all, Governor Takeshi Onaga tragically passed away in August of 2018. Your reference to Governor Onaga in the present tense as still being alive is seen as highly disrespectful to the late governor, as well as to Okinawans and supporters worldwide. Okinawa has had a new governor, Denny Tamaki, since September. Second, your response did not actually address any of our inquiries, and was clearly a generic letter that your staff has sent to many people who have inquired about Okinawa. Thirdly, your public comment that you “feel like an Asian trapped in a white man’s body” has further fueled the notion that you are out of touch with most of your constituents.

Over 211,000 people have signed my petition asking for a halt to the construction of the new military base at Henoko, Okinawa. My team and I estimate that around 19,000 registered voters in Hawaii have signed the petition, the vast majority of whom reside in your district, are between the ages of 18-40, and vote democrat. We also have many elderly voters who did not sign the petition due to the requirements of needing internet access and an email address, but who are nevertheless supportive of our efforts. The Okinawan population of Hawaii is over 50,000. Additionally, many non-Okinawan voters, including Hawaiians, Japanese, Filipinos, Chinese, and whites, have supported us.

I visited your office yesterday in Washington D.C., and though your staff were polite, it was clear that they were not taking any legitimate interest in our issues. We have worked in-depth with quite a few Congressional offices, and can easily tell when an office is not taking our issue seriously. Whereas the offices of Senator Hirono, Senator Schatz, Representative Gabbard, and many others, have spent a great deal of time meeting with us and have seemed to take our concerns seriously, your office has not. Other offices have expressed interest in the immediate future of possibly writing a public letter to President Trump asking why he has broken his promise and has not replied to our petition, even though we got over 100,000 signatures in just 10 days.

The carelessness of you and your staff has caused much anger and resentment, and talks of large-scale social media campaigns to ensure you do not get re-elected are already underway.

We sincerely hope you will rethink your interactions with us.


Robert Kajiwara


The Peace For Okinawa Coalition


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Governor Denny Tamaki’s Visit to Hawaii

rob and denny copy
Governor Denny Tamaki (left) with Robert Kajiwara (right), at Kaneohe, Hawaii.

Today was a bad day in Okinawa, because the start of a new portion of the landfill of the bay at Henoko has started. This is a continued violation of the Okinawan people, and an environmental tragedy. It is clear that neither the Japan government nor the U.S. government has any respect for Okinawans.

With that being said, I’m really glad that Governor of Okinawa Denny Tamaki took time out of his busy schedule to visit Hawaii. I know it was a sacrifice for him to make this trip, so I’m very appreciative. It was in important visit, because he helped to inspire more people in Hawaii to support Okinawa. He also showed appreciation for those who have already been supporting Okinawa. It’s really important that Uchinaanchu, and supporters, from all over the world continue to network and work together to support one another in protecting the land and sea of Uchinaa.

Thank you to Governor Tamaki for coming! Please come again soon!